About Lon’s Work

The ingenuity and originality of Lon C. Pelton’s metal sculpture is its use of history to capture and reflect current-day realities. With an unflinching belief in the power and potential of the individual spirit, his art is a commentary on life in America.

Born in 1937, Lon is a life-long resident of Windsor, Conn. and has dedicated his life to building things – his family, fine custom homes and historic restorations, delicate silver sculptures, enormous welded creations, and a reputation as a hometown hero and master of artistic diplomacy. Lon began his artistic career with a simple metal sculpture of a turtle in 1959.

Since then, he has created countless works of art using the most unlikely materials from antique silver spoons to rusted propane tanks to a bank vault. The inspiration for his creations have been as varied as the sculptures themselves.

The one common thread that runs through all of Lon’s sculptures, is an appreciation for history and a longing to preserve the elements of our past in an effort to define our future. The juxtaposition of his medium and messages create lasting impressions that resonate with everyone who views his sculptures.